Corey Provus heading to Minneapolis

Nov. 3, 2011
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Corey Provus, who'd been the #2 Brewers radio guy at 620 WTMJ alongside Bob Uecker, has been hired to be the #1 radio broadcaster for the Twins.

Provus came to Milwaukee three years ago after long-time "second guy" Jim Powell left Milwaukee for Atlanta.

The Brewers organization has an interesting relationship with 620 WTMJ. Uecker (and TV guys Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder) is a Brewers employee, but through the exclusive contract, is on WTMJ. However, Provus (and Powell before him) was hired as an employee of WTMJ (and by extension, The Journal Communciations group.)

The move to the Twins was a promotion for Provus, who's just 33 years old. The spot was open because John Gordon retired. He'd held the position for 25 years. Provus spoke in the press conference as though he expected to hold the position at least as long.

Since Provus was in Milwaukee just three years, many of the same candidates that applied for the job when Powell left are expected to apply again.

The Brewers are saying its not necessary that the new person have MLB radio experience. Before spending a short time covering the Cubs, Provus spent time covering sports for both Alabama-Birmingham and Syracuse.


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