A Lesson Before Dying With Uprooted

Uprooted Theatre presents a one-night-only staged reading of an intense Jim Crowe-era drama

Nov. 6, 2011
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Bayonne, Louisiana. 1948. After World War II. Before the civil rights movement. During the era of the Jim Crowe south. A schoolteacher is sent to counsel a man on death row—a man unjustly condemned. It’s been described as a heavily dramatic piece about a time when injustices weren’t buried underneath layers of glossy PR. It’s A Lesson Before Dying-- a drama written by Romulus Linney based on the book by Ernest J. Gaines

It’s fitting that such an intense drama would make it to the stage stripped of any artifice—just the voices of people expressing language crafted around a far different time in our nation’s history that continues to echo hauntingly into today.

Such is the case with a one-night only reading of the drama directed by Marti Gobel with Uprooted Theatre.

The reading, which features Uprooted’s Tiffany Yvonne Cox, will be staged at the Duncan Entertainment Group on 777 North Jefferson St. Tickets are $10. For ticket reservations, visit Brown Paper Tickets.



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