Yuletide Homicide With Puppets

Another round of Neil Haven’s relentless WHO KILLED SANTA?

Nov. 22, 2011
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A Christmas murder mystery with puppets, Who Killed Santa? isn’t a guilty pleasure so much as it is weird, simple fun. The show, which surmises a holiday party at Santa’s place with various iconic Christmas characters, has been staged a number of times over the past few years.

The cast features a mix of people who have appeared in the show before. Bo Johnson returns as a seedy, abusive Santa. Rick Pendzich presumably returns as the Little Drummer Boy all grown-up with Nate Press as a nice guy Frosty who’s a bit slow. (I’m guessing that’s who they’ll be playing based on who they’ve played before—no specifics have been mentioned in the press release.) The rest of the cast includes Amy Geyser (probably Tiny Tim,) Liz Shipe (Little Drummer Girl) and Allison Mary Forbes (Rudolph? That would be very cool . . .). The Dan Katula-created puppets are always fun and with a cast that is by now quite familiar with interacting through them, this promises to be another enjoyable return to Haven’s durable comic classic.

The script for the show has recently been published, which kind of solidifies it for potential production elsewhere . . . this will, evidently be the first production of the script that had been finalized for publication.

Who Killed Santa?  The Choose-Your-Own-Ending Musical Murder Mystery Holiday Whodunit runs December 1st – 17th at Racine’s Sixth Street Theatre before moving to Carte Blanche Studios December 20th- 30th For ticket reservations, visit the show’s website.



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