Another Punch From Off The Wall

Dale Gutzman Returns To HOLIDAY PUNCH

Nov. 27, 2011
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an ad for detergent that has been appropriately repurposed by Off The Wall

In the past, Off The Wall Theatre'€™s Holiday Punch shows have been an opportunity to see the cast at the theatre unwind and blow off a little steam with a show that is in places excessively silly and bizarre, but in light of the fact that they just ended a run of another strange production of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? I'€™m thinking this is more of a chance to simply extend the weirdness.

The show in question is a series of skits and songs irreberantly celebrating the holiday season. It'€™s a strange, little holiday variety show in a cozy little space. The cast this year includes Off The Wall Artistic Director Dale Gutzman, Jeremy Welter, Marilyn White, Liz Mistele, Lawrence J.Lukasavage, Mary Henricksen, David Roper, Sharon Rise, Kristin Pagenkopf, David Flores, Annie Mater, Michael Davis.

Really, there are people in that list who should be a lot of fun in the show. And really, there are people in that list who should know better. As always, Holiday Punch looks like a fun trip out to the margins of Milwaukee’s downtown theatre district.

Off The Wall Theatreâ's Holiday Punch runs December 16th -31st. For ticket reservations, call 414-327-3552.



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