Women Who Can't Sing For The Holidays

Next Act’s Holiday Music show

Nov. 29, 2011
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Anyone can claim to not be very good at singing. I’m fairly certain 90% of the population would diagnose themselves as being people who “can’t sing.” Be that as it may, a concert featuring 3 women who can’t sing would be kind of a disaster if the concert pulled three women in off the street who couldn’t sing and set them in front of a piano. (Althoguh I think it’d be a fun experiment. 


The trick in holding a concert with three women who can’t sing is to find 3 women who can’t sing who can be entertaining while doing so. Next Act Theatre’s holiday concert attempts to do just that as it welcomes three seasoned actresses performing holiday standards. (Okay, so they may skew a little  far from standards . . . songs include, "the sultry Santa Baby, a rollicking Christmas polka, the Hawaiian Christmas Song, Santa Claus Yodel and a whole lot more.") The captivating Tami Workentin, the talented Karen Estrada and Angela Iannone perform Three Women Who Can’t Sing! December 21st through 23rd at the Next Act Theatre on 255 South Water Street.

For ticket reservations, call 414-278-0765.


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