Destroyer! Woot!

Mar. 14, 2008
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I'm ambivalent about the upcoming Destroyer album, Trouble in Dreams. On one hand, Iíve been listening to it for two months and still havenít warmed to it, but on the other, it took me nearly as long to discover the wonders of Destroyerís last album, Rubies. Last nightís early-morning Destroyer set went a long way toward helping me make up my mind.

ďHello; weíre Dan Bejar and the Destroyers,Ē the groupís keyboardist said, hitting home once again a message that so far hasn't stuck: Destroyer is the name of the entire group, not just Bejar. Their hour set made that point well: The band was vice-grip tight, conjuring the slick, dual guitars of Lou Reedís glammed-out, í70s live records. That flawless sound came at a price: The group spent minutes between most songs tuning their guitars (the Texas heat, they complained, was reeking havoc on their instruments), but perfection takes time, I suppose.

Bejar was typically aloof, playing with his back to the crowd when he wasnít singing, and maniacally garbling, twisting, de- and re-constructing his lyrics when he was. Old songs Iíve always loved sounded better than ever, and new ones I donít quite understand began to make a little more sense. I canít wait to get home and give that new disc another chance.


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