The Boulevard Theatre $3,000 Matching Funds Challenge

Boulevard Theatre granted $3,000 if they can raise that much more by 2012

Dec. 26, 2011
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Boulevard Theatre Artistic Director Mark Bucher recently announced (okay, actually I got the email last Thursday, but with things being as busy as they are this time of year, that’s still pretty recent…) um …Anyway, yes—Mark Bucher of the Boulevard recently announced that the Boulevard (of Mark Bucher) was recently offered $3,000 in matching funds. That is to say that they will get $3,000 if they can raise that much by December 31st.


Now . . . for a bigger company, $3,000 really isn’t that much, even in this economy . . . okay, who am I kidding, in this economy $3,000 is quite a lot to ANYBODY, but I guess what I’m t rying to say I that a sum like that wouldmean a lot more to one of the smallest stages in town than it would to a theare company that has enough money to send people overseas for research . . . or have someone in a props department somewhere trying to track down a bust of Keiser Wilhelm. That’s all I’m saying . . . the $6,000 total would mean a lot to them. So they’re asking for year-end funds.


It actually comes across a bit like a drama in and of itself . . . Mar Bucher and the Boulevard will get $3,000 from a mysterious benefactor . . . but only if he can raise $3,000 by midnight on New Years . . . actually could be a wacky screwball comedy as well . . . Bucher racing across Milwaukee doing odd jobs to collect the money just in time for New Year’s . . . sounds fun. But actually it’d just be really nice if he didn’t have to do that.


Any questions regarding the campaign can be directed directly to Mark Bucher by e-mail at: or by  calling the Boulevard Theatre at 414-744-5757 Press the pound sign to escape the outgoing ticket update once the message kicks in.  

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