Skinny jeans in Austin

Mar. 13, 2008
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Okay dudes – we need to take it easy on the skinny jeans and girls jeans.I really thought that this was a dying trend, but more men are wearing female jeans than women in Austin this week.

As far as I am concerned, kids get a free pass for simply not knowing any better, but full grown men in their twenties and thirties – I ask you, “WHY?!”A standard “straight leg” should suffice for you, and is quite far from a “flare” or even a (God forbid) “boot-cut” jean.

Out of all of the concerts that I have seen so far, most actual band members have not been wearing these jeans on stage, which leads me to believe that it is only the festival patrons and industry people who are guilty.

Oh well . . .time to go see the Trail of Dead at the Village Voice party at La Zona Rosa.First, I think I am going to go to the nearest thrift store and find some Zubaz, to sport what is (somehow) a better fashion statement.


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