New poll says Packers, not Cowboys, are America's Team

Dec. 28, 2011
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In a random poll of 700 Americans done in mid-December by Public Policy Polling, 22% of respondents said that the Green Bay Packers deserve the nickname "America's Team." Only 11% said they'd give the title to the Cowboys.

Additionally, when asked about their opinion of teams, the poll showed that 57% of respondents see Packers positively. Only 13% have negative opinion of Green Bay.

Furthering the the difference between the two teams, The Cowboys are viewed negatively - 29% of voters having a favorable opinion of them to 41% with a negative one.

Taking out all other options and just asking the respondents straight up which team they prefer, the Packers came out ahead 49-28. The poll even breaks that question down into political subgroups, showing the Packers are neither Donkeys or Elephants: Democrats prefer the Packers 44-26, Republicans do 60-29, and independents do 44-30.

In case these losses weren't enough to sadden Cowboys fans, the poll also asked who the respondents liked the least: it was still the Cowboys. 22% pick the Cowboys on that front to 11% for the Bears, 8% for the Packers, 7% for the Patriots and Redskins, 6% for the Steelers, 4% for the Jets and Giants, and 1% for the Saints.

The teams asked about in the survey were chosen based on a recent Harris poll about the most popular NFL teams. The Saints were subbed in for the Colts because of the Colts rough season.

The poll also asked about the popularity of quarterbacks and somewhat surprisingly, Aaron Rodgers finished relatively poorly and Tim Tebow took the prize. The poll was done in the midst of Tebow-mania and after this week's collapse, I'd assume the poll would be different.

Tebow received 15% of the vote. The rest breakdown thusly:

Eli Manning - 14%

Peyton Manning - 12%

Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers - 10% each

Michael Vick - 6%

Ben Roethlisberger - 4%


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