The Ringers fulfill their namesake

Mar. 15, 2008
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When you see 1,000 bands in four days, it becomes very obvious that some bands are simply just more entertaining than others.The Ringers, based out of Los Angeles, California, could be described as way more entertaining than most bands.

The Ringers are indeed one of those Hollywood bands that have a front man who is also an actor Joe Hursley, whos resume includes many mediocre comedy films like Accepted and Resident Evil, and several TV commercials.While this may not sound as exciting as a Jason Schwarztman/Phantom Planet type combination, the lack of notoriety allowed Joe Hursley and his bandmates to try harder to prove themselves, and they did.

Walking out on stage dressed in denim vests, candy striped pants, sailor hats, and red cowboy boots, the Ringers set the perfect tone for their glammy post-punk rock that sounded a lot like a heavier version of the Stooges.Playing songs mostly off of their only studio release, Tokyo Massage III, the band rocked, scared, and maybe even disturbed the wild and sun burnt audience at Red 7.

If managed by the correct industry people, these guys should be no-brainer for potential album sale success.


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