A Broadminded Buffet

Broadminded’s Next Show is in February

Jan. 10, 2012
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Like all good sketch comedy, A Broadminded show is always at least a little bit like a buffet. True, you’re not actually choosing what to consume, but in a weird way, you are (consciously or not) choosing what to laugh at from a pretty diverse offering of stuff, some of which has quite a bit of savory depth to it.

Broadminded is taking the analogy kind of literally with its latest show Broadminded Buffet, which takes the stage at Carte Blanche Studios early next month. This will be, if I’m not mistaken, Broadminded’s first show at Carte Blanche—a space that is laid out a little bit more horizontally than the Alchemist Theatre that Broadminded had been working out of for many of its shows in the past. Both Alchemist and Carte Blanche are cozy, little theatrical snuggeries that can do one heck of a lot for a sketch comedy format. It’ll be interesting to see how a wider space (or at least . . . a space that feels wider) will inform on the group’s work. Judging from information released about the show thus far, the format isn’t going t change all that much from previous shows. There will be music and a mix of live and video sketches.

Broadminded’s Broadminded Buffet runs February 9th -18th at the Carte Blanche Studio Theatre on 1024 South 5th Street. As it says in the press release, “all you can laugh for $9.99, (plus one penny.) 


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