Badass Puppetry with an Umlaut

Angry Young Men’s Next Show promises and evening of limited entertainment

Jan. 12, 2012
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February opens with an evening of off-center puppetry in St. Francis as Soulstice Theatre welcomes the latest show by Angry Young Men Ltd.

Best known for their adaptation of Night of the Living Dead, their latest show promises all new material written, performed . . . and in somecases filmed and edited exclusively by the Angry Young Men in question.

They’re calling the show FULL FRONTAL PÜPPETRY! (an evening of Limited Entertainment with Angry Young Men, Ltd.) (gotta love that umlaut) The show partners Angry Young Men with Soulstice Theatre for a variety show that the Angry Young Men are looking to turn into a regular thing . . . each show featuring screenings of AYM videos before they hit the web and live puppetry featuring a special guest. (Special guest? So I guess I’m picturing a darker, stranger, more intimate version of The Muppet Show.) The inaugural program (which distinguishes itself with the title Episode Z (row) features Soulstice Theatre founder Char Manny as the guest.

Full Frontal Püppetry takes place February 2nd and 9th at the Soulstice Theatre on 3770 South Pennsylvania Avenue in St. Francis. Tickets are $10. Both shows start at 7:30 pm. 


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