Badger Women's Hockey Fill The Bowl on January 28 is a must-attend

Jan. 12, 2012
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I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I once wrote an opus of a post about Wisconsin women’s hockey and why it’s worth your time and the post disappeared into the depths of blogging cyberspace. It really was a couple-thousand word epic, so maybe its best that its gone, but I’ve had a hard time sitting back down and trying to recreate it. I feel like I won’t be able to give it what it deserves because I’m still really, really bitter its gone.

But the point of the post, really, was to point out to folks how absolutely amazing the Badger Women’s Hockey team is. And how few people actually attend games.

But you have a chance in the next couple of weeks to not only attend a game, but to do so in an environment that doesn’t usually exist at UW women’s games.

The annual Fill-The-Bowl game is on January 28. Tickets are just $1. About 10,000 fans will attend. The Badger Band will be there. It will be loud and raucous and fun.

And by the way, you’ll also be watching literal World-Class talent.

The Badger women hold the NCAA record for attendance set at last year’s Fill-The-Bowl game at 10, 668. They held the previous record when over 8,000 saw them win the first game of the outdoor double-header at Camp Randall.

As I recently posted, there were 10 current and former Badgers at the most recent Team USA women’s hockey camp. Senior Hilary Knight is possibly the best women’s player in the world. With her size and talent, she has a chance to play professionally in the men’s minor leagues.

The women lost just one game in all of 2011. One game. They have won four of the last six National Championships.

Three Badgers have won the national MVP – the Patty Kazmaier Award – in the last 5 years. Sara Bauer in 2006. Jessie Vetter in 2009. Meghan Duggan in 2011.

Last season the Badgers set an NCAA record with their 37-win season. No other team has ever reached that number of wins.

I wish I could set everyone down and explain to them how amazing the Badger women are and how sad it is that no one goes to their games.

In many ways, I enjoy women’s hockey more than men’s. There is no checking in women’s hockey. It is a much less physical game. While Hilary Knight’s slap-shot is pretty damn impressive, she’s an anomaly. You’re not seeing the pure power in the women’s game that you see in the men’s game.

But that means you’re seeing a much better finesse game. These ladies aren’t running each other over and most of them aren’t assailing the goalie with slappers from the blue line. There’s creative passing and impressive skating. It’s a totally different game, but its so, so pretty. You will really appreciate the skill and elegance of the women’s game.

Please take advantage of this Saturday night, $1 women’s game. You will not find better entertainment for your buck


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