Marquette's Jae Crowder has quite the story

Jan. 16, 2012
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In a time when it seems every time you turn on a sporting event you get a drama-filled story instead, I'm a little surprised I haven't heard more about the path Jae Crowder has taken to Marquette before.

Blog Ballin' is a Habit recently profiled Crowder and paints a pretty bleak picture of the extremely difficult path he took to Division 1 basketball.

Crowder enrolled in a junior college with hopes of landing himself a scholarship to a D1 school, but eventually found out that the school he eventually ended up at wasn't actually accredited and the classes he took wouldn't be accepted anywhere else.

He transferred to another junior college and had to double up on classes to make up for the lost ones.

Eventually Buzz Williams went to see Crowder play and Crowder played awfully. Luckily, that didn't put Williams off and now Crowder is a starter at Marquette


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