Brewers avoid arbitration with K-Rod, Morgan, Loe

Jan. 17, 2012
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Doug Melvin scored a bit of a coup today when it was announced that the Brewers avoided an arbitration hearing with Francisco Rodriguez - K-Rod.

He was an odd case because he wasn't in his arbitration-eligible in terms of his years of service - he had accepted arbitration from the Brewers.

As K-Rod had earned $11.5 million last season, it was assumed he'd make somewhere in the area of $13 million dollars this season.

Instead, by some sort of miracle, Melvin got him to agree to a one-year, $8 million contract. That's significant savings for a Brewers budget that's already stretched thin.

The terms of the contract have been widely reported, but, per club policy, weren't actually released. K-Rod's contract does include a series of performance-based bonuses. He'll receive $125,000 each for 15, 20 and 25 games finished. He'll receive another $250,000 if he finishes 30 games. As John Axford is the incumbant closer, it's unlikely K-Rod will reach those milestones.


The Brewers also reached terms with Kameron Loe, who signed a one-year, $2.175 million contract. His contract also includes bonuses.


Nyjer Morgan and the Brewers actually reached terms on Monday, when Morgan signed a one-year, $2.35 million contract. It constitues a major raise for Morgan, who made in the realm of $400,000 last season.

His would have been a fun hearing, had it come to it. One of the criteria a player can argue is "public appeal" and clearly T-Plush has that in abundance.


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