Report: Fielder to Detroit

Jan. 24, 2012
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Prince Fielder has made the surprising move of agreeing to terms with a team his dad played for - the Detroit Tigers.

The deal is reportedly for 9 years and $214 million.

The Tigers are a surprising suitor since they have Miguel Cabrera at first base. They've already said that Prince will play first, so Miggy is moving.

The Brewers will get a compensation pick for losing FA Fielder - the Tigers' 1st round pick, 27th overall. The Brewers already hold pick 28, so they'll get back-to-back picks.

Prince's FA search has gone on way longer than I'm sure he ever imagined, so there has been a lot of speculation about which teams were in play for him. The Tigers were never even hinted at. Cabrera ensured that no one thought they'd be in the market for a young, large first baseman - they already had one.

As a pre-teen, Fielder hit a home run out of Tiger Stadium (not into the second deck, as the myth goes).


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