Brewers unveil first two 2012 bobbleheads

Jan. 31, 2012
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If you're on Twitter and you're like me and love collecting bobbleheads, you'll want to be folliwng Bernie Brewer (@Bernie_Brewer) this week. Every afternoon he's announcing who this season's bobbleheads will be.

Yesterday it was announced that the first All-Fan Giveway is 4/22 against Colorado and will be a Jonathan Lucroy bobblehead.

Today Bernie let us know that the next bobblehead will be of Yovani Gallardo and it will be given away on 5/13 against the Cubs.

We've been going to Brewers games regularly since 2006 and have every all-fan bobblehead that's been given away since that time (except the 1982 minis, because we just didn't care._

But we're not hard-core. There are folks who must have every iteration of every bobble ever given away. I don't have the Bernie birthday give-aways. Or the Stitch and Pitch bobble. Or really any the Timber Rattlers have given away. We pick all the All-Fan Giveaway dates marked on the calendar when we renew our seats, but that's the end of it for us.

If we get the pinstripe alternate, great. But that's really the end of it for us. So I guess we're somewhere in between. Because we do "have" to go and get them on those dates, but that's where it ends for us.

Currently our collection is housed on the top of a dresser in our computer room that is slowly running out of space. Because two of us go to each game, we also have a second of each bobble, never removed from their boxes, sitting in Rubbermaids inthe basement.

Occasionally I use this stash of extras to trade for a bobblehead we may have missed prior to 2005, but for the most part, they just bide their time in the basement. I'm not sure what we'll do with this second collection. Maybe one day we can sell it all and go on a vacation to North Dakota on the "winnings."


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