Brewers introduce special "peanut controlled" sections

Jan. 31, 2012
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Apparently a young fan wrote to the Brewers and lamented to them that he could never come see the team play at Miller Park because of his extreme allergy to peanuts.

So the Brewers have decided to offer a few games with "peanut controlled" seating to accomdate this young fan and others like him.

The release doesn't give much information on how the control will be implemented, since it will only be in a couple of sections in the Club level.

The Brewers are just the next in a long line of major and minor league baseball clubs that have tried to accomodate their fans with a peanut allergy.

The Timber Rattlers have offered such games in the past. Its my understanding that the stadium receives a major cleaning, thus riding it of all peanut shell debris. Then peanuts are not sold during that game, making it safe for those with even the most sensitive of allergies.

Since the sections the Brewers are offering will still be a part of the larger, peanut-infested park, I wonder how they'll try to isolate it from debris in a windy park. Additionally, those ticket-buyers will still have to walk through the rest of the park and the release does not say the park will be peanut free on those days.

So clearly the logistics are still up in the air, but it is great to see the Brewers reaching out and responding to all of their fans to offer them the Miller Park experience.


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