Badger women's hockey break NCAA attendance record...again

Jan. 31, 2012
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The last three NCAA attendance records have been set by Wisconsin Women's Hockey.

They set it at the Camp Randall outdoor game in 2010 with 8,263 in attendance. They set it again at least year's fill the bowl with 10,668.

And they broke their own record once again Saturday night as 12,402 people paid to see them beat Bemidji State 1-0.

Those numbers are astounding when you realize that the Badgers lead all of NCAA women's hockey with an average attendance of 2,227 per game.

In Minnesota, where hockey is king, their second-place average attendance number is half that, at 1,126 per game.

I have to remember this when I harp on how few people support Badger women's hockey. I'll remind you again that they've won four of the last six National Championship. There were 10 current and former Badgers in the pool of 40 women invited to Team USA hockey camp over the holidays.

The Badgers are good. No, they're damn good. And no one goes to see them.

But comparatively, Badger fans are coming out in droves.

I'm getting my stats from an NCAA document on women's hockey attendance. The "Top 10" schools are listed. The #10 school, Minnesota State-Mankato, averages just 260 fans a game.

The attendance at the National Championship game that the Badgers won last season in Erie, PA was just 3,956


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