Comedy Night At The Hipster Optometrist Shop

Be Spectacled hosts an evening of local comedy

Feb. 3, 2012
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I do sincerely hope that I am not the last person to have found out that there'™s sort of a hipster optometrist's place in Wauwatosa. I suppose it makes sense . . . I mean . . . they're looking for anything offbeat to turn trendy with their asymmetrical haircuts and what have you . . . (I probably sound very, very old but a hipster spelling bee? Really?)

In any case, the hipster optometrist's in question is in Wauwatosa and it'™s hosting an evening of local comedy including Third Guy Ducks--the latest improv group to come out of classes with local comedy star Patrick Schmitz. The show also features stand-up comedy from Erik Kokonis and sketch comedy from Lights! Camera! Improv! So that's sketch comedy from an improv group . . . I guess . . . in any case, the group includes Joey Flegel-Mishlove, Emilie Lozier, and Maxwell Zupke.

The show is referred to as Wauwatosa Comedy Night and it starts at 7:30 pm at Be Spectacled on 7605 Harwood Avenue in Wauwatosa. Tickets are $5 and this IS an optometry shop, so get there early. It'™s a small venue. It'™ll sell out.



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