A staged reading on the big stage: The Tavern Keeper's Daughter

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and Skylight present staged reading of a new musical.

Feb. 12, 2012
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just pick a seat anywhere . . .

The staged reading of a new musical takes a rather impressive stage as Brett Ryback’s The Tavern Keeper’s Daughter. The new musical set during World War II makes its way to the stage of the Broadway  Theatre  Center’s Cabot Theatre. That’s right—the big stage. They’re doing a staged reading of this new musical on The Big Stage at the Boradway Theatre center. No sets. No costuming. Just actors singing. Probably the classiest place I’ve ever heard for a reading to be staged.

The staged reading of the musical is being co-presented by Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and Skylight . . . uh Music Theatre. (sorry, the new name is going to take me a little whi;e to get used to.) The Tavern Keeper’s Daughter tells the story of a young man who has returned to Milwaukee from serving in World War II only to find that a marriage has been arranged between himself and the daghter of a tavern keeper from across the street. Determined not to get stuck in Milwaukee in the ‘40s, the man escapes to New York and finds himself on an adventure that involves a girl named Wanda, “a kooky, chorus-dancing gypsy, two mischievous gangster brothers, and the villainous godfather of the Polish mafia.” Sounds fun.

The reading is free. It takes place on Monday, February 27th at 7:30 pm. Seating is first come, first served. Ever wanted to sit in the front row of the Cabot? Here’s your chance. 


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