Success With Theatre MXT

Kishline’s SUCCESS comes to the Next Act Theatre Space

Feb. 9, 2012
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Back in 1991, John Kishline wrote a piece for the late Theatre X that explores thecost of success. Now operating with fellow theatre X alum Deborah Clifton and the semi-ubiquitous  Ed Morgan under the guise of the new Theatre MXT, Kishline brought Success to India in a special project with the Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Festival & U.S. State Department. The updated production of the play comes to Next Act Theatre’s new space this coming March.

Kishline plays an advertising executive who worked for one of the firms that would’ve helped the president win the election. We follow him in 70 minutes of real time. He meets a couple of people takes a couple of calls. He deals with moral issues. That last bit sounds kind of like a cute little fantasy. It’s very difficult to imagine anyone involved in advertising dealing with ethics on any level, but that’s because like everyone else, I’m a consumer of mass media. Still, it’s nice to see the fantasy of ethics in advertising play out in someone’s office. Especially if that someone is being played, probably exceedingly well, by John Kishline.

70 minutes in an advertising executive’s office—the meaning of success. Sounds like an interesting journey. Theatre MXT’s Success runs March 9th through April 1st at the theatre on 255 South Water Street. For ticket reservations, call the Next Act box office at: 414-278-0765.

Youngblood Theatre's Michael Cotey put together a really nice site for the company including a promo video for Success. Here it is.





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