It's Kind of Like Theatre In A Hospital Cafeteria

Youngblood Presents Flu Season

Feb. 11, 2012
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There's an old hospital space on the east side. My wife was bon there. The building has recently been purchased by UWM. I’ve been to the medical complex there to visit friends on a number of different occasions for a number of different reasons. And now Youngblood Theatre is using the building’s cafeteria for a staging of a play set in a hospital. Sort of. Weird.

Will Eno’s Flu Season is one of those plays. A man and a woman fall in love in a hospital. There are also a doctor and a nurse. Eno weaves in and out of realism in dialogue that weaves a story on what appear to be some of the loosest possible narrative terms. But the doctor/patient thing is pretty solidly rendered in the script judging from other reviews of other productions of the play, which debuted only a few years back.

And so Youngblood is staging the play in the same medical complex my wife was born in. It’s a former hospital on the East Side right across the street from the UWM dormitory complex. The building now goes by the charmingly cozy name, “The Northwest Quadrant Building.” And Youngblood will be staging it’s production of Eno’s play there. In the cafeteria.

Youngblood’s Flu Season runs March 1st -17th. For ticket reservations, visit Brown Paper




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