Math: A Love Story

Broom Street Theatre Presents SPLENDOR IN THE MATH

Feb. 14, 2012
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Like science, match can be one of those things that’s kind of a hard sell as a subject of entertainment. Playwright Scott Feiner may be exploring the topic with an interesting perspective with his Splendor In The Math…a play that is described as delving into the lives of those who love and work with math and those who hate it. Feiner says the script explores the beauty and absurdity of math proving itself to be incomplete. This sounds promising: With math being shown to be as flawed as anything else we’ve come up with to explain the world around us, it might become a whole other silent, abstract character in the play. In and among a bunch of people from Madison, the cast features Tray Doyle, formerly of Insurgent Theatre. And so I guess that’s why I’m mentioning it here. (But maybe not.)

The play is being staged in Madison at the Broom Street TheatreSplendor In The Math opens this Friday at the cozy, little spot between Lake Monona and Mendota a few months in advance of the annual summer meeting of the Mathematical Association of America. Evidently the MAA hosts "Math Fest" in a different town every year. This year it’s in Madison. (Not that that’s at all relevant here, I just think it’s kind of cool. Thank you, Google.) 

Splendor In The Math runs February 17th through March 10th. For ticket reservations, call 608-244-8338.



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