Brewers beat Veras in arbitration

Feb. 15, 2012
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The Brewers acquired relief pitcher Jose Veras from the Pirates this offseason in exchange for Casey McGehee.

Unfortunately for the Brewers, Veras was immediately arbitration eligible.

Veras submitted $2.37million, the Brewers put his value at $2 million and in yesterday's arbitration hearing, the Brewers won.

The Brewers are now 3-2 in arby hearings since 2005.

This is an unusual way to start a team and player relationship. In an arby hearing, the team basically lists all the reason why the player isn't good enough to earn the money they submitted. So before he's ever even thrown a pitch for Milwaukee, Brewers reps were in front of the hearing tearing him down and pointing out all his flaws.

Veras' rep says there are no hard feelings, so hopefully things go well from here.

If you're thinking $375,000 isn't worth fighting over or risking poor feelings, remember that all the pre-arbitration guys earn under $500,000 a year - meaning the Brewers just saved basically one guy's salary.


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