Angry Young Men's Cavalcade of Blasphemy

Full Frontal Puppetry Returns to Soulstice’s New Space

Feb. 28, 2012
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The team that brought the world the Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show returns to Soulstice this month for another evening of Full Frontal Puppetry. This months doubtlessly offbeat variety show comes with puppets and special guest Matt Zembrowski, who is on hell of a musical talent. The show in question is being referred to as the Cavlacade ‘o’ Blasphemy.  Kermit got to introduce Cirque du Soleil on national television in a Brooks Brothers tux at the Academy Awards, but puppets for hipster adults are workin’ class—they’ve got to toil away in obscurity for smaller local crowds in far less prestigious form. Thank you Angry Young Men, thank you . . . 

Angry Young Men’s Cavalcade ‘o’ Blasphemy runs March 15th and March 22nd at the Soulstice Theatre's new space on 3770 South Pennsylvania Avenue.



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