2 Upcoming productions of NEIGHBORHOD 3

UW Parkside and Youngblood take turns staging Jennifer Haley drama

Mar. 14, 2012
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No trespassing, please: It's Jennifer Haley

People who should know better referred to it as being, ‘like a nifty episode of The Twilight Zone.’ (That was Variety magazine.) “Niftiness” aside, Jennifer Haley’s Neighborhood 3L Requisition of Doom has a very definite appeal. The premise is kind of cute: Somewhere in suburbia, a group of teens get into a horror game—kind of sounds like a first-person shooter with zombies. And as it turns out the neighborhood depicted int the video game bears a striking resemblance to the neighborhood the kids are actually living in. Kind of a social commentary thing going on there.

The Jennifer Haley drama has started generating buzz and now productions are popping up all over. Locally, there are a couple of local manifestations of the play scheduled in the next two to three months.

First—UW-Parkside Theatre’s staging hits “Rehearsal Room A” March 23rd – 25th. This isn’t actually a fully-staged production. It’s a staged reading that’s taking place as a part of UW-Parkside’s FreshINK series of readings.  The readings start at 7:30 pm. They are free and open to the public. UW-Parkside is located at 900 Wood Rd. in Kenosha. For more info, call 262-595-2457.

Then . . . somewhere between April and May of this year Youngblood Theatre somewhere between April and May. Where is it going to be? When is it going to be? Not sure. They included mention of the show in their program for their current show Flu Season, which closes this weekend. Aside from the promo copy for the show available on the playwright’s website, the only bit of information available on it is that it’s being directed by Benjamin James Wilson. Cool. Now all we need is a date and a location . . . presumably this will be a fully staged production off-center somewhere. Could be interesting. 




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