New Buck Monta Ellis might be kind of cool

Mar. 18, 2012
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The NBA is the top of the list of things that I know absolutely nothing about. OK, maybe its below Nascar since at least NBA news falls into my Twitter stream.

Either way, I couldn't tell you anything about the trade that sent Andrew Bogut to Golden State and brough Monta Ellis (and others) to Milwaukee.

I do know that Bogut was incredibly classy in the way he handled the departure.

That's not standard behavior anymore, though between the Packers Brewers Badgers and Bucks, we've had some wonderful "thank yous" from leaving players.

But the new one for me was the full-page ad Monta Ellis took out in the Journal-Sentinel as he comes to Milwaukee.


Once again, I don't know anything about Ellis. I do know that Kwame Brown, another member of the trade, will not be a Buck after the season. I had no idea of the rest of the members of the trade were in the same spot, but it looks like Ellis is looking to make a home here.

Look, it's likely he's talking out of his ass. No player is happy to end up in Milwaukee, let's be honest. Playing out your career with the Bucks means mediocrity and no championships. But its refreshing for a guy to put the fans before his ego and try to make an effort to win over his new town.

NBA players seem to have less of a filter than other pro athletes and often say things about their teams and towns that aren't exactly positive. I'm certain the entire league has a negative opinion of Milwaukee and this step by Ellis should go a long way to making him a fan-favorite here.

Whatever his reasoning, it was a big move by a new player and it was something I haven't seen before. Well done, Monta Ellis. Well done.


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