Channel Zero In Riverwest

A Staged Reading of a new comedy by David Press

Mar. 26, 2012
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Nate Press

It’s not often that I have legitimate opportunity to mention Poet’s Monday in this theatre blog . . . but fortune has allowed me to mention it twice now in a one-week timeframe. (My wife and I met at the poetry venue, so there’s a soft place inside me for the long-running show.)

My excuse fro mentioning it this time around may be a little bit more legitimate than the last time. Evidently David P. Press is staging a reading of his new one-act comedy after the open mic tonight. The show is called Channel Zero. Talented local actor Nate Press (Who Killed Santa?, Bye-Bye Liver and quite a few other shows) will be performing in the reading. He’ll be playing a character named Benny Bupkis. Emily Liefke also makes an appearance as well. According to the Facebook invite the reading also features “cameo appearances by Jimmy Durante in a rabbit suit, the Archangel Michael, and Charon the Ferryman.”

The reading takes place at Linneman’s River West Inn on 1001 East Locust. As mentioned before, it is a part of Poet’s Monday—a weekly open mic for poetry hosted by Timothy Kloss—one of Milwaukee’s best non-musical, non-actor stage performers. The open mic starts at 8pm. The reading starts around 9pm. 



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