Clownvis Variety Spectacular

Variety Show at Stonefly this weekend hosted by the King Of Clowns

Mar. 30, 2012
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I’d told my wife about this wedding a friend of mine was having at the Alchemist this weekend. Evidently the wdding will be performed by Clownvis.

“Clownvis?” She said.

“Clownvis.” I said.

“Excuse me, I though you said Clownvis…like a clown Elvis?”

“Yes. It’s a clown Elvis.”

“Sounds creepy,” she said.

Okay, so maybe to the wrong person, Clownvis Presley, the King of Clowns sounds kind of like a disturbing hybrid, but for the right kind of person . . . it’s absolutely priceless entertainment. Prior to that wedding, Clownvis will be in town for a variety show at Stonefly on 735 East Center Street. The show starts at 10pm and runs late. The show will set you back $10. 


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