Eve Continues

The Bay Palyers’ WISDOM OF EVE enters its second weekend

Apr. 5, 2012
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Every venue poses its own challenges. The Marian Center for Non-Profits developed a reputation in certain circles for being kind of notorious for the challenges it posed by virtue of the fact that it wasn’t built as a performance space . . . and also housed all kinds of other worthy causes beyond theatre.

The venerable Bay Players  operate out of Whitefish Bay High School’s auditorium. It’s kind of an interesting space—the lobby of which feeds right into the hallways of the high school itself. And, as this is a functioning high school, it shuts down for certain holidays . . . particularly for the first weekend in April, as I understand it. . . which means that The Bay Players production of The Wisdom of Eve shuts down for an entire weekend. It’s a two weekend run. The first weekend was last week. The second weekend is NEXT week.

“I have directed 26 seasons for Bay, and have never had a week off between our performance dates,” says shows Director Raymond Bradford. “I will need to hold another rehearsal to get the show back in shape for the second week of performances.  Live theater can be very challenging!”

The Bay Players’ The Wisdom of Eve closes next week with two performances: April 13th and 14th. For ticket reservations, call 414-299-9040.


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