Tailgating and Opening Day

Apr. 8, 2012
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I'm a few days late on this one, but this AP article published on ESPN.com has had me giggling for a few days.

Every year we deal with Brewers baseball taking place on Good Friday and Brewers fans looking for dispensation from the Catholic church to eat meat on that day.

As a non religious person, this whole thing is beyond my comprehension, but apparently the whole Opening Day/Good Friday thing was quite a quandry for some people.

And others just decided that eating meat on Good Friday was the sort of thing that confession was made for.

I found it funny that they found so many people willing to talk about it - the whole thing never even came up at our 20 or so person tailgate.

But the funniest part, to me, was the rather blunt comments from Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki. It seems there was probably a more tactful way to say it, but Listecki pointed out that since the Brewers didn't die for your sins, you don't get to eat meat on Good Friday.

It's hard to remember that not every stadium has the tailgating scene that Milwaukee does - few do, in fact. While there were Catholics in every stadium across baseball this past Friday and all those stadium serve hot dogs and hamburgers, I guess they assume that those folks ate at home before they came. But because of the tailgating in Milwaukee - and that the lots were open by 10:30, they assume that Milwaukeeans weren't doing any of that sort of thing.


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