Buffoonery Musical with the GCT

The Buffoonery Project presents THE MOVIE MUSICAL

Apr. 10, 2012
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I can't express how gratifying it is to know that local comedy continues to poke its satirical claws into the contemporary musical. The Improvised Musical continues to run its monthly course at Comedy Sportz. (The latest stagings are slated for April 19th, May 17th and June 21st. All shows at 7:30 pm.) And of course they can assemble an entire musical theatre peace on the spot . . .,making it all up as they  go along. The genre is such a parody of itself to begin with . . . the current lineup of talent for TIM includes some clever people including Jacob Bach and at least two different McGhee's.

This month, there's also a little satirical musical talent a little further away as The Buffoonery Project presents   The Movie Musical . A product of the Greendale Community Theatre, Buffoonery features some really interesting talent of its own including Brian Bzdawka . . . a man who has directed quite a few musicals in his time with GCT. (Including the only production of RENT I ever remember liking.) Also included in the cast re Robby McGhee, who proved to be unnervingly funny in Alchemist's Free To Be You And Me…the talented Jordan Giazdowski, who seems to be showing up in a little bit of everything these days. The equally talented Amber Smith, who has some really interesting comic instincts. Tom Reifenberg rounds out the cast. Can't say that I remember seeing him in anything, so he's kind of a wildcard here . . .

They're performing a satirical on the movie musical . . . Broadway  takes movies and turns them into musicals. This can occasionally be good. t can occasionally bad. Buffoonery looks into this with a satirical perspective as it presents work that is probably at least as good as anything currently being taken seriously on Broadway.

It's dinner theatre at a reasonably distant country club. Could be a nice opportunity to laugh just outside the immediate area. The venue in question is the Muskego Lakes Country Club on 14020 Loomis Road in Muskego.

The Buffoonery Project: The Movie Musical runs April 19th - 21st at the Muskego Lakes Country Club. All shows are at 7:30 pm. For  ticket reservations, Seat Yourself.


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