The Rep's Garage Sale

The Weird and practical on sale at the Rep

Apr. 13, 2012
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It's away fun getting this annual announcement in the mail . . . the Milwaukee Rep holds its annual garage sale this coming Saturday and the press release men tins a few interesting bits that are going to be up for sale when the doors open on April 14th at 10am. 



Among the items listed in the press release are the "cartoon cars and truck from Route 66." The Milwaukee rep cabaret show. If I'm not mistaken, that refers to  the cars in the image above . . . they were little vehicle facades that were used in conjunction with wheeled barstools to give a comical and very, very practical image of people driving. I can't really imagine what one might expect to use these things for, but the right person would probably be endlessly entertained with this sort of thing . . . maybe find a way to fasten it to a riding lawnmower or something . . . 


They're also selling a "life-sized stuffed tiger" from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare . . . okay, so that's not exactly true. I've seen that tiger. It's pretty big, but it's NOT life sized. Not for an adult tiger, anyway . . . still . . . it's really, really big and if you don't mind hanging out with a large, whiskered plush toy that pines for a return to the stage, this could be a fun item . . .  


Then there are those elements that probably seem perfectly normal until you tell your guests about them. They usually sell furniture at these things . . . those listed in the Port Authority bench from From My Hometown…an industrial council table from the Rep's current production of Othello and . . . the California King-sized industrial bed from Othello . . . THAT'S kind of a weird one . . . own the bed in which Othello killed Desdemona. By the time that show is over, the bed will have played home to Desdemona's smothering well over thirty times . . . kind of an interesting conversation point for anyone you might be sharing the bed with . . . and it's yours after the end of the show's run if you agree to buy it during the Rep's Annual Garage Sale tomorrow from 10 am - 3 pm. 



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