Stage To Screen and Off The Wall

A cabaret featuring music from Broadway turned Hollywood

Apr. 23, 2012
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Properties have been flung back and forth from one coast to another. We've seen Hollywood movies get turned into Broadway musicals that then get turned into hollywood movies based on Broadway musicals. This is big money entertainment eating itself. It's not pretty.


Maybe somewhere between the coasts, perhaps just down the block from a bronze statue of Henry Winkler by the river, one might hope to deconstruct the American musical to get to the heart of some of the emotion that's moving these things back and forth from one coast to the other. One can hope anyway . . . 


Starting at the end of the month, Off The Wall Theatre  presents a tribute to songs from musicals that have been featured in films . . . it's Off The Wall's Stage To Screen Tribute: Broadway Songs that Made Movies Magical.


Local musical theatre talents Liz Norton, Steve Pfisterer, Parker Cristan and Laura Monagle appear in a cabaret-style show featuring Broadway musicals and musical films.


The show runs April 27th - May 6th at the Off The Wall Theatre on 127 East Wells Street. For ticket reservations, call 414-327-3552. 



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