J.J. Watt golfs with Twitter followers

Apr. 22, 2012
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This story is a week old, but I forgot to write about it and wanted to spread the story.

Former Badger and current Houston Texan J.J. Watt is pretty internet savvy and he runs a pretty active Twitter account.

When his teammates cancelled on their golf game with him, Watt took to the Twitters and invited a couple of his followers to go with him.

He took the first two people to answer him and the 3 did a round - both the Twitter followers beat Watt, who said he treated the two to the round.

Afterwards, Watt tweeted out a thank you to both guys.

They each called him a class act and a great guy.

Watt says the whole experience was great and he'd definitely consider doing something like it again. He seemed shocked that so many people were interested in golfing with them and that folks were talking about calling in sick and skipping school in order for the opportunity.

Watt is from Pewaukee and is just such a great role model and really the type of guy you like seeing the state and the University.


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