Alex Gonzalez is not Yuni Betancourt

Apr. 22, 2012
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Do you remember how bad the left side of the infield was defensively last season?

Heck, even the Brewers admit it was awful. The in-game Gameday magazine that's handed out in each homestand had a feature on Alex Gonzalez and the opening paragraph read like a giant "F U!" to Yuniesky Betancourt. Mentions of a lack of defense and a need for an upgrade are obvious allusions to the black hole of defense that Betancourt was.

In the first week of the season Gonzalez had already made multiple plays that Betancourt wouldnt' have made - we're just now getting to a point where I don't wince and hold my breath when a ball is hit in the SS general direction. Betancourt had the range of an infant who can't yet crawl, but Gonzalez has already proved that he can and will cover a lot of ground.

But the large gap between Betancourt and Gonzalez was highlighted today when Gonzalez made a no-look leaping grab that Betancourt would have just watched sail over his head.

Watch the catch here.


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