World's Stage Fundraiser

Improv Comedy at ComedySportz to benefit World's Stage Theatre

Apr. 24, 2012
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Looking forward a great deal to Tallgrass Gothic with the brand-new Affectivity Theatre Company.

It's really nice to see new theatre companies popping-up and establishing themselves. It's even nicer to see them continue after their inaugural productions. This is not always the case. 

To this end, I would like to mention a she at Comedy Sportz . . . 


On Thursday, April 26th, in Comedy Sportz's Garage, there's an improv show to benefit The World's Stage Theatre Company. TIM will be there. As will Running With . . . I'd had T.I.M. introduced to me online, but I've never had the pleasure of seeing them in person . . . The Improvised Musical is a fun concept. An entire musical improvised on the spot . . . and then there's Running With . . . Long-form improv with a bunch of names I don't recognize: Cameron Smith, Tyler White, Roc Bauman and Nevin Langhus. Okay, actually I do recognize Nevin. Funny sketch artist . . . he's really grown over the past few years. 


The show benefits The World's Stage. It's interesting . . . over the years, so many theatre groups come from people after they've attended UWM . . . The World's Stage went against tradition on that . . . Gretchen Mahkorn started-up The World's Stage before going to study theatre at UWM. And it's been really interesting--most notably a recent production of a prison drama they staged at the Tenth Street Theatre . . . still one of the best dramas I'd seen in the past year or so . . . 


So anyway . . . tickets for the benefit are $5 each, Go and support a promising young theatre company and have a few laughs . . . the April 26th show starts at 7pm at ComedySportz Garage. 


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