Narveson to have season-ending rotator cuff surgery

Apr. 24, 2012
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Chris Narveson confirmed today that the tear in his rotator cuff that was announced last week will need surgery to repair and he will miss the rest of the 2012 season.

The arthroscopic surgery was confirmed as necessary by a specialist - the tear is apparently under the surface. The recovery time is 6-9 months.

Ron Roenicke says the likely hole-filler will be Marco Estrada, who did a spectacular job covering while Zack Greinke recovered from broken ribs to open last season. Estrada covered Narveson's spot on Saturday, going five innings, giving up two hits and one run while striking out nine.

The concern, of course, is whether Estrada can maintain for an entire season. Wily Peralta is another option, but his major league debut on Sunday was rather in auspiscious and certainly doesn't boost anyone's confidence at the moment.

Another possible answer could be to sign Roy Oswalt, who started the season as an unsigned free agent. Rumor is that he'd be a costly addition, so it will be up to Mark Attanasio to decide if an expensive rental is worth it.

Last season the Brewers were the only team in baseball to use just six starting pitchers - our regular starting five of Gallardo, Greinke, Wolf, Marcum and Narveson - plus the few starts made by Estrada to open the season.

Seems like that sort of luck is about to catch up with the Brewers and run out.


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