3 Pigs Working Together


May. 7, 2012
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We know what happened with the three little pigs. Everyone knows that a wolf who was, by all accounts, big AND bad had systematically come to demolish the homes of two of the pigs before arriving at the house of the third one. He was unable to bring THAT house down due to the fact that the house in question was constructed of bricks and the wolf had been using kind of an archaic method of demolition involving extreme respiration. What we don’t know about the story is exactly what happened after the whole event with the wolf. 


The Sunset Playhouse’s Bug in a Rug Children’s Theatre brings audiences up to date on what happened to the three pigs after the classic children’s story. A practical, industrious pig who knows the importance of decent masonry is forced to live with a couple of less practical swine who would prefer to make homes out of wood or twigs? True, this sounds kind of like the premise for a reality TV show, but it could also make for a story that expands on the themes and ideas delivered in the original tale. With the importance of practicality and industriousness firmly in place, The Three Little Pigs: Part 2 looks into the importance of teamwork and getting along under less than ideal circumstances. The three pigs have distinctly different temperaments about them, but the diversity of their personalities could work together for something greater than a simple house made of bricks. 


The Sunset Playhouse’s The Three Little Pigs: Part 2 runs May 10th -12th. For ticket reservations, call 262-782-4430.


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