An Amber Roxie in Chicago In Racine

Racine Theatre Guild Presents Chicago

May. 10, 2012
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Amber Smith


Kander and Ebb's Chicago continues to glide its way across stages al over the place. As popular as ever, the show makes its way to Racine this month courtesy of a Racine Theatre Guild production. This is another example of a show that I'd really like to go to but I've already got like . . . three or four shows committed to over the weekend, so a big trek out to Racine would be a little silly.


The big selling point for me on this one is the lead. RTG's Chicago stars Amber Smith as Roxie Hart.  Smith, who has appeared in past productions with Fools 4 Tragedy and Carte Blanche, among others,  is a very crisp talent onstage. She's got really stylish instincts as an actress that could benefit a production of Chicago in just about any role. She will likely bring a very precise approach to the stage as Roxie--a woman who kills her lover in Chicago in the 1920's. I've seen this live at least once before, but I'd really love to see this one . . . too bad the weekend's too busy . . . the good news is that Smith is evidently going to be playing Medea in an upcoming production of Medea for Fools 4 Tragedy . . .a pre-production reading of which will take place at Bucketworks this Sunday night at 7pm


For those with the time, this one looks like a goo trip to Racine. Racine Theatre Guild's production of Chicago runs May 11th -27th at RTG's space on 25199 Northwestern Avenue in Racine. For ticket reservations, call 262-633-4218. 



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