Auditions for a Parallel Universe

Soulstice Theatre Looking to cast for ROCKET MAN

May. 20, 2012
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A man in his early forties has cut a skylight in his attic. He has placed a recliner underneath it. All of his stuff is on his front lawn. There's a sign there. It reads, "Here's my life. Make an offer." He's looking for that place where all the decisions we never made converge. And Soulstice Theatre is looking for him. On stage his name will be Donny. They're looking for an actor to play him onstage.


They're also looking for people to play his daughter and his ex-wife and a few others. The play in question is Rocket Man by Stephen Dietz. Soulstice opens its next season with a production of the serious comedy . . . it runs September 6th through the 22nd. 


Soulstice is holding auditions for the production Sunday, June 17th from 12pm - 5pm and June 18th from 5pm to 10pm. 


Auditioners will do cold readings from the script. A one to 2 minute monologue is optional. 


Those interested in auditioning are encouraged to sign-up for a time slot. Walk-ins will also be welcome. To reserve your spot, email the producer Char Manny at



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