Soulstice Theatre's Summer Schedule

Soulstice Theatre opts for a series of shows this summer

May. 23, 2012
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Where as many theatre companies that operate during the regular season take a long nap for the summer, there are those that remain active for a show or two. Soulstice Theatre has been one of those local theater groups that has always had a show or two running for a couple of weeks in the summer. This year they are running a series of one-weekend-only shows. Here's a look:


June 22nd and 23 Soulstice stages a variety show in honor of half their namesake. Soulstice welcomes the summer solstice with Solstice at Soulstice. Master of ceremonies Josh Perkins host an evening accompanied by Brian Myers and a cast of Soulstice performers. 


June 29th and 30th Matt Zembrowski joins Soulstice for a program with the title Things We Can't Do Onstage. Well actually that brings up all kinds of weird imagery about defying the laws of physics and good taste, but it sounds like it's more like things that aren't normally done onstage. Men sing women's songs. Women sing men's songs. People sing dog songs. (I'm quoting the press release here . . . ) Zembrowski is a lot of fun onstage. This should be good.


July 27th and 28th At the end of July, Soulstice will stage a reading of Barbara Lau's Raising Medusa. Lau considers herself to primarily be a poet, so the Milwaukee premiere of a staged reading should be a nice opportunity to focus on the language of the play. A mother deals with the difficulties of raising a teen daughter. And there's a Greek Chorus. Sounds interesting. 


August 4th and 5th The kids in Soulstice's STArS Kids theatre program present Neil SImon's Fools. Kids play a village of idiots written by Neil SImon. 


August 10th and 11th Charismatic and talented singer/pianist Brian Myers performs a tribute to a great pop composer in Randy Newman's America. The guy who wrote I Love LA and You've Got A Friend In Me is toasted by a really talented piano man. 


For more information on Sousltice's upcoming season and to reserve tickets, visit Soulstice online.



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