Is Bochy the new LaRussa?

May. 24, 2012
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Last year former Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa complained about everything from the Miller Park roof to the ribbon board and now he's got a comrade in arms.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy blamed his team's first-inning errors on the bright sun that cut across the left side of the infield. He blamed the partially closed Miller Park roof.

The Brewers have taken to partially closing the right side of the roof to ensure that the shadows that are a part of day games don't cut across between home plate and the pitcher's mound, but instead go past the mound and are over on the left side of the infield.

Of course, the Giants failed to produce much at the plate in Wednesday's game, so if the roof had been fully opened and the shadows had an affect on the hitters, certainly Bochy would have complained about that.

He also complained about the umpires. It seemed he was looking for a scapegoat for his team's loss.

He compared the Brewers manipulation of the roof/shadows as playing God and implored MLB to get involved.

As shadows and, well, the sun, are going to be a major part of any afternoon baseball game, I'd like to think that what the Brewers have done is possibly the best situation that can come of the roof and brutal shadows that come about during day games.
I can't imagine other hitters fare any better with the intense difference between the mound and home plate when the roof is fully open, so there is no advantage for the Brewers.

I'm pretty sure the roof is exactly one panel's width closed - it's not like it's half closed or crazy manipulative.

The Giants are 4-2 against the Brewers this season, so I'm not sure why they're so concerned about yesterday's loss, but Bochy was certainly sounding mighty whiny and LaRussa-like. I wonder what it is about the Brewers that invites such a reaction.


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