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Next Week: A free show staged at a house

May. 29, 2012
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Modern publishing on the big best-seller scale sounds a lot like Hollywood now. I recently read that when the author of Hunger Games was told about a pre-existing Japanese novel that had a lot in common with hers…she asked them if she should read it. No innate interest. No mind of her own. She's a technician working for them. They told her not to read the book. Was the author fed ideas straight out of some other book by editors who were guiding her in a certain direction? Possibly. That Japanese novel was looking for a Hollywood film years ago . . . then the Columbine shootings happened and the story of high school kids killing each other would have to wait for its big US commercial hit with some other author . . . an while I'm probably insinuating something that didn't happen, it sounds like an interesting story anyway . . . 


But fiction is big business and it's something that's explored a bit in The Author's Voice . . . kind of an interesting drama that I've only read about in fringe moments here and there on the internet. Sounds interesting . . . and now there's a local production of it that's being staged at a house.


Here's the description from the Facebook invite: 


A man with the Face pursues the Talent of another to create the next BIG novel. With the guidance of a pretty editor, the duo will have no problem reaching their dreams. Can the two men put aside their differences to create the hardcover that will sit atop the best sellers list? 

With a mix of doubt, control, and back stabbing, expect an ending you never saw coming...


Milwaukee theatre icon Bo Johnson directs a cast of talented young actors. Adrian Feliciano comes to the production fresh from a memorable performance in Little Shop of Horrors with Carte Blanche. Brittany McDonald comes to the production fresh from a really good year onstage with UWM. And Jason Waszak appears to be delving into film . . . but he recently appeared with Fresh Page Productions in their Tenessee Williams one-acts. Waszak also acts as host. 


The play is being staged at the house on 1713 Marshall Street.

Performances are on the 7th-9th, the 11th, the 12th, the 15th an the 16th. 

All performances are free. All performances are at 8pm. The doors open at 7pm. 

As you can imagine, seating is limited. It's a house. It's residential. The space the piece is being performed in is an upper of a duplex. No elevator. 26 stairs to the performance. Sounds cozy. Sounds like fun. 



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