Little Misfit on Tenth Street

Susanne Carter at In Tandem's space this weekend

Jun. 5, 2012
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People ask me if the theatre season more or less dies down during the summer. I used to laugh whenever someone would ask me that. Somehow it's not even funny anymore . . . certainly not on a weekend like the one I've got ahead of me. I'm seeing four shows this weekend. Four shows. And I'm still missing a couple . .  .


One of the shows that I will be forced to miss is the work of a seasoned theatre veteran. Susanne Carter  performs a narrative this weekend at In Tandem's space--The Tenth Street Theatre. The show in question, which debuted in Kenosha last September is about a little girl trying desperately to fit in with the world around her. The Adventures of Little Misfit is being directed by In Tandem's Jane Flieller. If anyone knows how best to navigate that space, it's Flieller who helped build it. The intimacy of the space should work well with a performance that prizes characterization over everything else. With Flieller directing, this should be a really interesting opportunity to connect up with a character who should be more or less universal. Who can't relate to not being able to fit in? 


The Adventures of Little Misfit runs June 8th -10th at the theatre on 628 North Tenth Street. For ticket reservations, visit In Tandem Online. 




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