A Talk With Two Gentleman of Verona

Cast and Crew talk with interested people virtually live this sunday

Jun. 7, 2012
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Theatre is inherently social. As social technology develops, it can't help but augment the social end of the art form. Mark Puchinsky of the Riotous Shakespeare Troupe is taking advantage of a relatively new service offered by Google this coming Sunday. In preparation for a week of staging free performances of Two Gentlemen of Verona in veracious Milwaukee parks, Mark Puchinsky and various members of cast and crew will be hanging out on Google+ for a video chat that's free and open to the general public. Everyone with the right hook-up is welcome to hang out with cast and crew Sunday, June 10th at 6pm.


"My hope is that we can answer some questions about the upcoming show along with promoting it," says Puchinski, "This kind of thing hasn't been done by anyone in town Bd it has the potential to be really fresh and fun along with a great opportunity to get anyone who wants to talk to us live." 


Anyone registered with Googl+ can join in. Just click "Hangouts" on the left panel of Google+, search for "TwoGentsMke2012" and join the hangout. 


Riotous Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona performs at area parks at the end of the month: 

JUNE 25th and 26th at Lake Park

JUNE 27th at Washington Park

JUNE 28th and 29th at Humboldt Park


All performances are at 7:30 pm.

All Performances are free. 




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