Update on Badger Justin Schultz

Jun. 10, 2012
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Chuck Schwartz over at Bucky's 5th Quarter has some interesting quotes from the brass of the Ducks during an Anaheim fan day about former Badger Justin Schultz.

Schultz has reportedly signed his papers to leave UW after his junior year. He was drafted by Anaheim in 2008 and by new CBA rules, would become a free agent after his fourth summer. The Ducks get 30 days from his removing himself from school to sign him.

Schultz hasn't said much, but its assumed that he'd like to see how he'll do on the free agent market and isn't planning to sign with the Ducks. The Ducks say they've made him an offer and plan to do so again on the day their ability to do so expires (June 21st).

The deal is that Schultz could only earn $925,000 as entry level, but he'd be limited to a two-year contract, meaning he would have a shot at a big payday early on.

The event in Anaheim was for season ticket holders to select their seats and apparently many folks had questions about their star top prospect.

General Manager Bob Murray, Head Coach Bruce Boudreau, and captain Ryan Getzlaf all had less than flattering things to say about Schultz. 

GM Murray went as far as to cast aspertions on Schultz's character, questioning whether or not he'll keep his word. In a separate conversation, Murray said that Schultz has told the team he will not be signing with them.

Schwartz points out that there are plenty of other NHL'ers that have exercised the right to become a free agent, so its not as though Schultz would be breaking ground here.


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