Wisconsin Hybrid Theatre On THe Horizon

Echoes of Radio WHT this summer and two one-night-only performances next year

Jun. 24, 2012
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Wisconsin Hybrid Theatre continues to produce some really fun retro-comedy programs. Actors play actors playing characters in the golden age of radio. It's fun stuff. Not too long ago, the group, which had been largely a live performance affair, had teamed-up with 91.7 WMSE for a series of live performances. Those live performances continue this summer . . . as recorded from earlier performances. 


On July 1st between 8 and 9 am, WMSE broadcasts a timeless comedy classic from . . . last February . . . Dangerous Hospital starring Jack Farwell (Randall T Anderson), Ira Hampton (Jim Owczarski), Deb Burnham (Beth Lewinski), Olive Hampton (Karen Estrada),  Mosie Wells (Ruth Arnell) with sound effects by Chris Knapp (Charles Sommers.)


WHT returns to WMSE in August in pre-recorded fashion with Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte – the Western! That episode will air August 5th. 


WHT's Charles Sommers has a couple of one-night-only live performances planned for the theatre season ahead--One in early September and another in late November. More information will be available on those shows as things progress into the new season...


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