Milwaukee Chamber Single Tickets On Sale

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre now selling tickets to individual shows for 2012-2013

Jul. 1, 2012
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As of only recently, single tickets have gone on sale for Milwaukee Chamber Theatre's upcoming season. As always, Milwaukee Chamber is the harbinger of the new season, opening its first show for 2012/2013 in early August. In dividual tickets for that show and every other show on the season are currently on sale.


Normally I don't spend much time talking about box office events, but this is another excuse to talk about some of the shows on Milwaukee Chamber Theatre's upcoming season . . . 


I would imagine there is likely going to be a lot of call for Broken And Entered. Opening this September, it's the world premiere on Milwaukee Chamber's coming season and it features a cast including Uprooted co-founder Marti Gobel and Youngblood co-founder Andrew Edwin Voss. A couple of guys move back into their inner-city family home and burglarize nearby upscale neighborhoods to make ends meet. At a wild guess, I'd say that Voss and the other actor who has been announced (Jonathan Wainwright) play the brothers. Gobel will be playing an upscale African-American woman who one of the brothers falls for. Suzan Fete directs the world premiere by Kurt McGinnis Brown. 


The other one I'm really looking forward to this coming season with Milwaukee Chamber Theatre is Jeeves In Bloom. Matt Daniels returns to the role of the surreally efficient British butler in another tale inspired by the work of PG Wodehouse. Daniels is brilliant as Jeeves. The unflappable British butler type could be pretty stiff if it wasn't placed in the right hands . . . in his last turn as Jeeves, Daniels proved that he could deliver a rich personality to the character without betraying the butler's unerring sense of precision. Daneils takes the stage as Jeeves next April.


Single tickets for these and other shows are available by calling the box office at 414-291-7800 or by visiting the Broadway Theatre Center online. 






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